Worship Times

We welcome you for our regular Sunday worship at 10:00 a.m. 

Special services and events are listed below:

  • A special dedication of the inspirational One-of-a-Kind Donor Wall which is a hand crafted Ceramic Art installation located in the front foyer of the Church will be held on Sunday, May the 6th. The service starts at 10 am; however, you may want to be a little early because we plan to start the service on the Labyrinth in the Church Hall. 

    Our Go to the World fundraising campaign for the Labyrinth Floor in our Hall was followed by a “Go to the World” Donor Wall Project. Parishioner, Judy Gordon, was inspired to create this Donor Wall by a sermon given by Rev. Cathy Lee Cunningham. Rev Cathy Lee likened our congregation and our mission to a tree, beginning from its roots, deep in the ground, to its trunk which supports the leaves, and the leaves which go out to the world to do His work. Well, this inspired the vision for a ceramic Tree of Life on which the names of donors were inscribed. This project has taken some years to complete and is now installed in the front foyer of the church. You are invited to the dedication service on Sunday, May 6th at the church.

    After the service, you are invited to join us for a time of fellowship where tea/coffee will be available.


Fully Accessible Church and Parish Hall


Our worship space and building are fully wheelchair accessible.

Messy Church: Look for this in 2018

Beginning in Fall 2018, we are looking forward to offering Messy Church at a time through the week that might be more convenient for young families and offer a free supper (and night off cooking!)

U2 (Yes, the U2!) Eucharist

We will also be offering another U2 Eucharist, since the experiences were so positive last year and benefited Beacon House and Adsum House through the offering that we received. Details to come...

New to Us and Feeling a Little Intimidated About Visiting?

If you are new to the parish or seeking to find a community of faith that meets your needs for learning about Christianity, we will warmly welcome you and help you to experience the worship by providing you with a partner in worship who will guide you through the books, how to receive communion, and the logistical things  like finding the bathroom!

Children are Fully Included and Welcomed in Our Sunday Worship

If your child gets bored and would like to wander, we have a kid's room directly adjacent to our worship space, which is fully visible to you through a glass window, should your child wish to move back and forth during the worship service. We love to have children in our midst and they are free to move about as children do! It is not an uncommon sight on Sunday mornings to see a child being chased up and down the aisles by Mom, Dad or Grandma or Granddad! We love the sound of a child in our midst and it gives us great hope for the future.

We have a wonderful Server's Program and Guild for children (who have hands large enough to hold cruets), Tweens, Teenagers, and even some adults!


We love to have fun and experience joy in our worship service. You will always hear us say, "Happy Sunday!" as we leave the church to go into the world to serve God.